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About Our Subconscious Eye



"Brain can see hidden moments that we did not recognise"

THIRD EYE is an experimental project to demonstrate people's subconscious preferences and an effect on a moment when people see other's experiences through THIRD EYE.

Recognition of brain is more sensitive and faster than our thought. For this reason, normally, people could not perceive this. THIRD EYE is able to catch the hidden moments through an Electroencephalogram (EEG) sensor, which is to track brain signal, a camera, a display and SD module to save the scenes.



We are familiar with hiding our real emotion in our lives. For this reason, we cannot understand ourselves fully, what we like, what we want and so on. What make us happy, annoying or touched. An electroencephalogram (EEG) enables people to recognise their feeling through brain signals.

THIRD EYE is a research project to figure out how the modern technologies help our lives. Through EEG device, THIRD can understand user’s feeling and then the camera will be operated by the feeling which is set up to happy, angry, concentration, relaxing and so on. Record module will save all moment what is the moment to make user happy, angry, concentration, relaxing and so on to understand it with computer vision technology. According to user’s selection, their eye site will be shared with people through a display model.

Besides, as current advanced computer vision technology is able to understand people’s emotion through face recognition, it is possible to measure an emotional exchange through a camera module. 



In the experiment, I set up a camera to take a picture when a user is happy and concentrated, and then show the moments to others through the display. Then, I explored audience who saw the shared moment about user's happy moment in order to think about a leverage of sharing happy moments as a emotional transition.

스크린샷 2018-07-02 11.26.22.png

I found three insights:

First, THIRD EYE has a possibility to find a real preference of a user.

Second, audiences sympathised the user's view more than I thought.

Last, the subconscious moments could make an influence on audiences to change their mind. 

This experiment is an on-going project to apply this principle to marketing industry through advanced computer vision AI.  


“The Third eye project is fascinating - I think that there are medical
applications for this, if machine learning can spot emotion then your tool
could be used to aid mute and disabled people to communicate with
their carers.” (Director of Weaver-AFS)


Work-in-progress Shows 2018

Winter 2017 / Spring 2018 @Royal College of Art


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