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Real Social Media


Did you know? one of the social media platforms exploited our data, over $40 billion last year.
"How can we reclaim our digital identity and property from unethical social media?"


Here is the answer

"Internet of you: LYNKER"


LYNKER is a new form of social media platform, empowering users to control all content, they see and to share real experiences spontaneously for our smart digital society. 

LYNKER enables users to make a more meaningful digital life through our valuable connections by co-creating social media environment. It also allows users to establish personalised digital economy and to get natural motivations to to reach their individual goal.

There is

  • No advertisements.
  • No algorithms to manipulate us.
  • No data exploiting.

but LYNKER has

  • Valuable contents to make smarter decision-making and desirable life.
  • Genuine recommendations from your friends.
  • Chances to exchange users’ experiences with supporter brands and public sector.


You can get recent news here! and You can meet LYNKER(alpha version) at the end of 2018.


Spring 2018 @Royal College of Art


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