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Bridges between the Physical and Digital


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Interactive media is being increasingly integrated into our daily lives with the advance of media, interaction and IT technology.

This socio-cultural phenomenon is leading the emergence of diverse hybrid products beyond digital products, combining physical and digital products. In keeping pace with this phenomenon, we propose an interactive media game product called Hybrid Monopoly.

The ultimate goal of this project is to increase the engagement of users through interaction and media technology. We expect that our hybrid product could increase the entertainment value of Monopoly by integrating the physical and the digital dimensions of the game.



Hardware artwork and assembling

Hybrid Board Game is designed as capable to transform. In the end formation, transformed to portable tablet size. Various transforming enable to provide a diversity of contents.



Professor Jae Wan Park`s Research Project

Role: Implementation Assistant & Research as a Senior Researcher (funded by Small and Medium Business Administration of Korea, about GBP 57,500 for a year)

Paper published at Korean Design Convergence Study, 12(5), 2013

Paper presented at KODDCO 2013 conference

Spring / Summer 2013 @Soongsil University


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