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Aerocene is a manifests as a series of air fuelled sculptures that will achieve the longest, emission-free journey around the world: becoming buoyant only by the heat of the Sun and infrared radiation from the surface of Earth. This hack looked at using a piezoelectric transducer to convert movement of the Aerocene Explorer tether into electricity. This could be used to power LED’s on the Explorer's surface, visualising the power of the wind, or other low energy components of the hardware payload.

At the Aerocene Hack, I proposed a power generation system by vibration by wind and it can make an energy to turn on LED as an advertisement, message and art.


Team: Low-E Aero (Krisof Van der Fluit, Larasati Purnomo, Elinor Merkier, selected by Tomas Saracenos studio as member of Hack

Role: Idea Proposal, Concept Design and System Development

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Fall 2016 @Imperial College London & Natural History Museum


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