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Memorial Hybrid Media Cube


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In commemoration of the 60th Korean War peace regime, the education, promotion, and sightseeing fields produced real-time virtual experience contents of the live camera video service. The service can take a view of the dynamic infographic, interview based promotional video, and DMZ scene by considering natural ecology and regional resources, such as history and culture, targeting on the DMZ of the Korean peninsula that is being resurfaced as a region that symbolises peace and life by overcoming the war wounds.

The region became an issue socially and developed the DMZ media cube that people can experience contents in person at the exhibition site and an integrated website that is remotely controlled and shared in the internet environment to make the mutual contact possible.


Professor Kyungran Lim`s Research Project

Role: Implementing initial research and design concept. (funded by Korea Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of about GBP 58,500 for 8 months)

Exhibition: Korea World Trade Center(October-November 2013) and Yongsan Train Station(June-August 2013), Seoul, Korea.

Fall 2012 / Spring 2013 @Soongsil University


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