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Intelligent Skin Modular Farming Robot



B+POT has developed considering of the theme ‘BIO-DIGITAL CITY’. BIO as Urban Farm, the small theme of workshop and DIGITAL as Technology. B+POT has interpreted a definition of vertical farm which is trying in today’s urban space currently.

Indoor-grown vegetable has drawback that they taste worse than outdoor-grown vegetable since they get nearly no sunlight. Hyundai Apartment(Apgujung–dong, Seoul, Korea) has merit that high exposure to Han riverside and Olympic Highway but has cons that the land price is higher than other area.

B and POT are intelligent skin modular farming robot that is able to grow plant by following sunlight based on an advanced ICT and IoT technologies. 



B+POT can provide the best environment for plants with agents. The system is considered as a collective intelligent system.  It is possible to move and assemble organically for building form on outside of building.


Figuration & Configuration

B is a propeller, which is installed with solar heat plat, luminescence and heating plat. POT is an intelligent pot which can grow plants and move as combine with B. B support the combination of POT with POT so that they can be formed organically.

In POT, can grow vegetable which intakes a lot in a home like lettuce, chicory etc. One POT can provide 1-week-vegetable per 2 persons. They check each home’s refrigerators and when vegetable is not enough for a day B bring the new POT for needing vegetable. Every home can check the freshness of vegetable by harvesting organic vegetable and can experience home farming.

Assemble Principle of B+POT

Assemble Principle of B+POT


Daily Life-cycle of B+POT

B+POT show a movement to follow sunlight for growth of plants in the POT.




B and POT are repaired in HIVE and B brings the seed from HIVE to seed-need POT. At night, architecture skin formed B+POT provides information as media skin. Through B+POT, people experience new possibility and future of plant farm.

When the harvest time, POTs which site near the Community Service of Apgujung-dongHyundai Apartment move into Community Service and be harvested by the silver generation or the local resident. As a local food, it can contribute to local society by making jobs for local people. B and POT are repaired in HIVE and B bring the seed from HIVE to seed-need POT. In winter, POTs build greenhouse and B make the temperature. At night, Bs light the apartment blocks as a streetlamp and even travel with people who need light. Architecture skin formed B-POT provides information on media skin. Through B+POT, people experience new possibility and future of plant farm. This will broaden and deepen understanding of the concept of digital technology and architecture.



Collaborative Work with Ha Yan Kim and Sung Seop Kim

Role: Design Concept and Program

Summer 2014 @ Seoul City Hall

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