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Collective Energy Platform

Today, Energy Management Systems of intelligent buildings, based on ICT, have been developed to measure the status and amount of energy saved in buildings. However, these systems do not motivate users to save energy.

This research was begun to propose a new concept of sustainable building based on user research and interview. It is expected to save core energy by reducing the amount of lift used.

Using the Collective Energy Platform, the user moves up and down every floor and the reader reads the user data. The amount of energy used by an elevator to move one floor is converted into money and a certain amount of it is accumulated as donation coins under the user’s name. The accumulated donation coins are donated to a charity after being accumulated for a certain time, thus allowing the user to contribute to his or her society.

Class: Interaction Design (Instructor: Kanghee Lee)

Paper published at Korean Design Convergence Study, 14(3), 2015 / International Conference on Convergence Technology, 4(1), 2014

Technical Prototype:

Spring 2013 / Spring 2014 @Soongsil University